Zionism is a political ideology conceived in the womb of nineteenth century secular European Jewry based on asumptions that run counter to the spirit and form of God’s covenant with ancient Israel through Moses.

Zion, the origin of the word Zionism, was sacred to Judaism, a hill in Jerusalem to the south of Temple Mount, and mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. And so was sacred the covenant between Moses’ God and ancient Israel as the Quran itself testifies.

But save for the Zion connection which fools many to believe in its religious Judaic character, the circumstances surrounding the birth of modern Israel, Zionism’s political child, were anything but sacred! Clear it is that Jewish extremist political sectarianism overrides the Torah in the delivery of modern Europe’s most problematic political child for the world.

The Torah, Book of Exodus, commands the Jews to observe the Ten Commandments, the main substance of the covenant. The Commandments say, “Honour your parents and the Sabbath day and do not murder, commit adultery, steal, give false testimony, and covet your neighbour’s wife and properties,” but the mother of all commandments is “you shall worship the One God and do not misuse His Name.” Modern Israel unashamedly broke them all!

Osman Bakar

12 Syawal 1445/21 April 2024

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